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Join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

This offshore sailing adventure is available for charter! Imagine the excitement when you sail offshore to Bermuda with us aboard Makara. Join us in Key West and get familiar with the boat and crew for a day or two before we head offshore.

Even if you’ve never sailed overnight before, so long as you’re not prone to seasickness you can do this. These are a few of the benefits and some of the skills you will improve upon.

  • Envision taking the helm for a night watch, guiding Makara through the ocean under a sky full of stars from one horizon to the other.
  • Help us fine-tune the boat’s heading and trim the sails to make the most comfortable path through the sea.
  • Practice adjusting our course to reduce the ETA.
  • Learn how to use winches, make knots and otherwise be an “able-bodied seaman.” Earn USCG or RYA seatime if you want it.
  • Get into a rythym of the crew’s schedule and accomplish your goals in a safe and educational manner.
  • Fly back home to share your experiences or continue with us all the way to the Azores.

Makara travels comfortably at about 6 knots under sail, which is about 144 nautical miles per day. The distance to Bermuda is approximately 1100 nautical miles, so this journey will take about 8 days to complete. Don’t worry, we have all of the latest electronics, safety equipment, two satellite phones, a diesel generator for air conditioning and a water maker to keep up to 6 passengers comfortable and happy all day and night.

We will be a participant in the ARC Europe Rally, which organizes and supports its members throughout the event. We will be able to communicate directly with the rally organizers for weather information. Also, devices will be available to keep in touch with friends and family via text, facebook, an embedded map here on our website and the ARC rally’s website.

Lindsay will have most of the meals prepared already so we will have delicious meals without having to spend a lot of time in the galley. You will be expected to help keep watch at the helm and take turns serving simple meals for the other crew members. There will be a set rotation of crew members so that you will be able to get your rest and leisure time just like everyone else.

The ARC Europe rally continues from Bermuda to The Azores and then on to Portugal or to England. However, since our destination is the Isle of Arran, Scotland we are choosing to split off and sail to Crosshaven, Ireland before sailing up the Irish Sea. You are welcome to fly home from Bermuda, The Azores or continue with us to Ireland. You may also arrange to switch crews and continue to Lagos, Portugal or Plymouth, England. We can help you arrange that if you wish.

Please see our calendar for the dates in May and June of 2018 when we plan to be in Bermuda, the Azores and Ireland.

The cost to sail offshore to Bermuda is the same as our advertised “sleep aboard” rates. We will be sailing nonstop until we arrive in St. George’s Bay. Once we arrive, we will be staying in slip in a marina if there are any available. Time will pass quickly as we rest and prepare for our Atlantic crossing a few days later.

Contact us to get started by asking questions before making a reservation.