Private Sailing Tours Key West FL

World Sailing Adventures offers three types of private sailing tours in Key West, FL during the winter and Provincetown, MA during the summer.

  1. Day Trips
  2. Liveaboard Charters
  3. Just Sleep Aboard

Day trips are for simply enjoying a private catamaran tour with your choice of several activities. All equipment is included. Prices vary by length of time.

Liveaboard charters are the best value for families or groups of 3 couples. Create lasting memories of your all-inclusive private sailing tours with your family or closest friends. Sail, fish, or just explore then paddle secluded anchorages only available by private catamaran tours. All the while, you and your group will be delighted with our delicious meals and all of the activites available for your enjoyment. Prices vary by number of passengers and length of stay.

Just sleep aboard is an add-on option. Just sleeping aboard can be added to a day trip or liveaboard charter to provide your group access to shore-based activities. Prices vary by number of guests and length of stay.