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Evacuation from Irma to Mexico

This is a video of some footage taken during our evacuation from Irma to Mexico. We motored and motor-sailed for a total of 67 hours nonstop, just Lindsay and me. Having enough fuel was the biggest issue, as we didn’t know how to research the exact location of the Gulf Stream, the Gulf Loop or the Yucatan Current. Heck, I didn’t even know about the Gulf Loop until Lindsay discovered it online. We now we know that we were fighting current almost the entire way.

In this video, I try to show you a couple of tactics for conserving fuel. We ended up making it, of course, but I was unsure for several hours along the journey. Oh, and it’s music is Journey: Cool the Engines. Have fun!

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Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat

Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat

We are neither a ferry service nor can we sail there in one day. However…..

With advance notice, you can take the high-speed ferry ride for 2.5 hours and start your liveaboard charter in the anchorage next to Fort Jefferson! Up to 6 people can live aboard for 1 night or up to 6 nights before returning to Key West on the ferry. Advance notice is required for us to meet you there, and you must have special tickets for the ferry that allow you to stay in the park.

Makara is fully stocked and well prepared to be your private liveaboard charter boat to the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson
Kayak, snorkel, fish, dine gourmet and sleep in air conditioned queen sized ensuite staterooms on your all-inclusive Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat family vacation this year!

Now you can enjoy our Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat without having to sail there and back. Maximize your vacation time inside the National Park and reduce your chance of seasickness.

Did you know that sailing to the Dry Tortugas National Park requires up to 12 hours to transit the 70 miles in each direction? This is why we used to need at least a 4 Day Liveaboard Charter to include visiting Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas National Park. Usually, the waves make it  rough going there or coming back. This can be a bumpy ride for 8 hours with lunch underway before we reach our safe anchorage for the night. If you think your group may wish to solely enjoy Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas National Park without sailing into waves or spending 4 days aboard, you may now do so!

By purchasing the Dry Tortugas Express Option in addition to any of our liveaboard charters from 1 day to 6 days, you can board the high-speed ferry in Key West called the Yankee Freedom III. We will sail our luxury catamaran ourselves for 12 hours to meet you there when you arrive! Please be aware that tickets for the Yankee Freedom III are not included in this add-on product and the ferry requires a reservation by phone several weeks in advance.

Would you like more information about sailing to the Dry Tortugas or the Dry Tortugas Express Option?

Contact us now!

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Wedding at Sea

Lea & JR Henrichs

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our first wedding aboard SV Makara. What a total blast! Lea and JR brought along friends and family, and with some tight coordinating we got them all aboard, sailed from our marina to Key West, transported the officiant over from the seaport and got all dressed up and on with the show.

And all in time for a sunset ceremony.

It was a little bouncy on the bow of Makara with the tide running against the wind, but worth it to get the perfect backdrop for the whole event. And I was happy to play photog too!

Over the days following the wedding (the honeymoon!), we sailed, paddled, fished, snorkeled and celebrated to the full.