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Around Ireland and Back Again

Finally back where we started in Ireland, at the Royal Cork Yacht Club, Crosshaven, County Cork. We are happy, relaxed and ready to enjoy a few days before venturing into the English Channel and across to the historic seaport of Plymouth.

Crosshaven is such a lovely, welcoming town.

With more time to play with, we went to visit the local fort. For almost 400 years, Camden Fort Meagher played a key role as a strong strategic position for the defense of Ireland, the west coast of England and Wales.

65% of the fort is located underground in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers.

We found some amazing homes in Crosshaven too.


We finally made time to go explore the city of Cork too – The Old City Gaol

But we were on a mission to go see some old friends, so it was time to venture on our first overnight since the Atlantic crossing and just the two of us for a 24 hour sail to England.